John Krieg

Dr. John Krieg is an associate professor of economics at Western Washington University, the director of Western Washington University’s Office of Survey Research, and research associate at the Critical Junctures Institute. Dr. Krieg served as an elected member of the Lynden (WA) School Board of Directors from 2003–2009 and served as its presiding officer for three years.

Dr. Krieg’s research interests focuses on K-12 and higher education topics. Areas of published K-12 work include studies on the distributional impacts of the No Child Left Behind Act, the importance of student-specific non-school characteristics in the determination of Adequate Yearly Progress, the interaction of student and teacher gender in the learning process, and the impact of teacher value added to their attrition from the educational labor market. Areas of published higher education work include research on the impact of accreditation on faculty salaries, productivity, and teaching loads and the determination of the faculty union wage premium. Among other scholarly journals, Dr. Krieg’s research has appeared in Economics of Education Review, Industrial Labor Relations Review, Educational Finance and Policy, Contemporary Economic Policy, and Current Issues in Education.

Dr. Krieg’s work in the Office of Survey Research includes numerous large-scale surveys of the public, school employees, and students commissioned by businesses, community groups, local governments, and universities. Dr. Krieg’s current research investigates Washington’s Running Start Program, the success rate of transfer students at four-year schools, the racial impact of the No Child Left Behind Act, the substitution of limited-term faculty for permanent faculty, and the long-run wage benefits of earning a Ph.D. from a top 10 institution.

Prior to coming to Western Washington University, Dr. Krieg held a tenure track position at the United States Naval Academy. Dr. Krieg holds degrees from Northwestern University (BA, Economics and BA, Political Science) and the University of Oregon (MS and PhD, Economics).